The future of your thriving organization is in your hands. You just need the right tools.

At Intentable, we know that your company's success includes not only your company-wide objectives, but also the fulfillment of the people who work for you.

However, there hasn't been a way to effectively measure, grow, and sustain your people--they leave. They are not fully supported. They are burnt out.

A labor crisis is here. And you don't always know why, or what to do about it.

This can have devastating impacts and your leadership is on the line to find solutions, now.


That's where Intentable comes in.

Intentable empowers your organization to be more intentional with your people.

See the numbers

We provide real-time, daily, and company-wide measuring & analytics dashboard for your executive team with our proprietary technology.


Support your people

Our one-on-one coaching support team and Intentable Standard for measuring, will highlight for individuals new, focused opportunities for growth.

Expand your company

You will be empowered with the relevant data to accurately point to solutions that you, your leadership, and people need to thrive.

Build sustainable culture

Know how to attract, grow, and sustain your greatest asset, your people, by considering both company's goals, and theirs. Create a "culture of us" that everyone wants to be a part of.


What's your "Intentability Factor"?

The "I Factor" measures your collective "people"--in their role at work, in the workplace, and their personal life. Why is this important?

It is time our workplaces offer more effective, personalized, and fulfilling experience and development for people.

How do we measure the Intentability Factor?


Now what do we do with the Intentability Factor? Continue to increase it, of course! Our extensive analytics and professional services will inspire engagement, collaboration, performance, and wellness throughout your company. Small intentional changes will make a massive shift that magnetize your people to invest their energy with you, and your leaders to be developed by you. Knowing what gaps for you and your team to fill will create a culture that keeps people excited to be, and stay, at work.


The powerful combination of the dynamic analytics dashboard and our professional support team to care for your people personally makes it possible for you to get a clear, accurate understanding of them- their levels of fulfillment, effectiveness, and mindset in a variety of specific or general areas. With you really seeing your people collectively, you will be able to create new, relevant opportunities for the culture, sustainability and success of your company. They will grow with you, you will grow with them and it's measured. It's a win for all--"a culture of us". Your "Intentability Factor" will increase.


With the highly-developed listening and personalized support of our professional Coaches, growth happens effectively and data is captured optimally. We create authentic coaching partnerships with your people using our Intentable Standard, a procedure to ensure the confidentiality, quality, and consistency in the reporting of data. Our professional team causes new actions and results through regular virtual sessions and tracks them real-time. As they are supported in this way, your people will experience expanded levels of fulfillment and effectiveness across life, their job performance, and in the workplace.

"One of the most
important investments an organization can make is not just cutting-edge technologies, but also in their people strategy"

People increase their productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% when training is combined with coaching.

By 2025 roughly 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. 80% of them identify as leaders. Sustain them by empowering their leadership effectively.

"Culture plays a key role in growth and agility in a constantly evolving marketplace...and crucial to employee retention."
-John Hall


Our Technology Specializes in Your People

With the next generation and their intentions for work and life, you must be precise with your company-wide decisions from small everyday choices to big initiatives. When we are on your team, everyone wins and you can measure it.